Entodermoscopy_Lice (Datasheet P003)


Title: Non-viable shrink embryo in nit. Nit on paper.             Author: GAETANO SCANNI




-Clinical description:                              hair taken from a subject during therapy (data not available).


-Dermoscopic description:                      the embryo occupies only a part of the shell, showing a retraction that

                                                                leaves a empty space in the dorsal part of the egg.

-Comment:                                              the treatment but potentially also other non-pharmacological factors can cause harm to the embryo or the shell.

                                                                In this case, embryo suffering is due to a phenomenon of contraction impossible in natural conditions.


-Dermatoscope:                                       Heine Delta10 (10x) without plate
-Camera:                                                  Minolta G400 4Mp, manually coupled to dermatoscope 
-Magnification:                                        10x optical +3 x (camera)
-Lighting:                                                 halogen light, diffuse

Author data

-Acceptance date of the photo:               2009-05-01
-Author /s name
:                                      Gaetano Scanni
-Occupation:                                             Dermatologist
-Place of work:                                         ASL Bari Palese (Italy)


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