Lice_Entodermoscopy (Datasheet P004)


Title: In vivo dermoscopy of nit with abortive dimple.          Author: G. Scanni



-Clinical description:                                               in adult female (teacher) was found only one nit during a visit to pupils reported  few cases of

                                                                            pediculosis capitis. Patient had never had symptoms and therefore never made specific therapies.


-Dermoscopic description:                                       a distal nit shows a deep depression along its entire length (abortive dimple).

                                                                           The clipping (30x) better identifies the apparently amorphous content.


-Comment:                                                            we cannot exclude the existence of non-pharmacological factors able to arrest

                                                                            the development of a infestation at the onset.

                                                                            In this case, since no treatment had been started this hypothesis seems very suggestive.



-Dermatoscope:                                                     Heine Delta10 (10x) without plate  (dry-dermoscopy d-DS)
-Camera:                                                              Minolta G400 4Mp (manually coupled to dermatoscope)
-Magnification:                                                      10x optical +3 x (camera)
-Lighting:                                                              Owner halogen light, diffuse


-Acceptance date of the photo:                               2009-05-01
-Author /s name
:                                                   Gaetano Scanni
-Occupation:                                                         Dermatologist
-Place of work:                                                      ASL Bari Palese (Italy)


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